promoting peace in the Niger Delta

Chevron is the third-largest oil producer in Nigeria and one of its largest investors, with assets on land and in near-offshore regions of the Niger Delta. The area is home to more than 30 million people, 70 percent of whom live in poverty.

In 2010, Chevron launched the (NDPI) to help increase income, employment and equitable economic growth in Nigeria by building public-private partnerships. The NDPI has launched three pilot projects to create jobs and increase income for Niger Delta residents within the aquaculture, cassava and palm oil agricultural sectors. Programs emphasize coordination among farmers, producers, government agencies and banks. The foundation is using demonstration ponds located near the NDPI’s Economic Development Center in Warri to train fish farmers to improve their yields.

To date, the NDPI has trained more than 10,633 people, including 48 local business owners and employees, created more than 538 jobs and established 80 partnerships. Nearly 11,000 people have benefited directly from the NDPI.

Our initial success has encouraged other prominent international organizations to get involved, generating an additional $50 million in funding. And in 2014, Chevron committed an additional $40 million to the NDPI over the next five years, bringing the total resources generated by the foundation to $140 million.

Chevron promotes peace in the Niger Delta

The petroleum-rich Niger Delta is home to more than 30 million people, 70 percent of whom live in poverty. So Chevron established the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative Foundation and has contributed $90 million to improve socioeconomic conditions in the region.

Published: June 2014