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At Chevron, we rely on the power of human energy to help us find newer, smarter, cleaner ways to power the world. At the same time, we invest in people to strengthen organizational capability and develop a talented global workforce that gets results the right way. We are committed to protecting the safety and health of our workforce, and we respect the human rights of our employees and the members of the communities in which we operate.

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work rate


lost work days per 200,000 work-hours in 2016



letters sent to senior leaders of goods and services companies outlining our commitment to respecting human rights



employees in Chevron’s many employee networks that celebrate cultural and lifestyle differences



At Chevron, everything we do begins with our fundamental commitment to operational excellence. Our safety culture is based on two key principles: do it safely or not at all; and there is always time to do it right.



Process safety is incorporated into the design of every Chevron production facility. Through policies, training and tools, we’re helping our workforce focus on protecting the safety and health of people.

excited’s commitment to process safety

Natalie Martin, a health, environment and safety specialist at Chevron, explains how process safety enhances personal safety on an offshore rig.

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investing in people

We invest in people to strengthen organizational capability and develop a talented global workforce that gets results the right way. Our success in attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce comes from strategies, programs and processes based on The Chevron Way.

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mentoring the next generation of innovators

The Chevron Fellows are the best and brightest technical minds in the company. Through the Mentoring Excellence in Technology program, they help to prepare the next generation of technical specialists at Chevron. Paul Siegele, chief technology officer at Chevron, introduces the Chevron Fellows who are working to meet the world’s energy demand – now and for the future.

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diversity and

We strive to be a leader in global diversity and inclusion and a company that values and uses diverse viewpoints to drive our business growth.

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human rights

Chevron has unwavering respect for human rights, which is captured in our Human Rights Policy and reflected in the positive role we play in the communities where we operate.

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