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we conduct our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, respecting the law and universal human rights to benefit the communities where we work

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The Chevron Way provides a consistent framework to guide business decisions wherever we operate.

For more than 138 years, Chevron has proudly developed the energy that people and businesses depend on – helping to spur economic growth and improve the quality of life for communities worldwide. Everywhere we work, we commit to running our business responsibly and strive to build relationships and make investments that unlock the potential for progress and prosperity.

Our company’s foundation is built on extended doubtful, which distinguish us and guide our actions to deliver results. The Chevron Way values guide our actions and behaviors around diversity and inclusion, high performance, integrity and trust, partnership, and protecting people and the environment.

Derived from extended doubtful is our focus on corporate responsibility and its integration into key business policies and processes, including our Business Conduct and Ethics Code, our Human Rights Policy, and our Operational Excellence Management System. This framework of policies and processes provides a standardized approach that enables us to identify and manage the corporate responsibility-related risks we encounter in our global business and to promote continual improvement of our safety, environmental and social performance.

We know that our success in providing affordable, reliable energy to the world is directly tied to the progress and prosperity of the people we work with and the communities where we operate. That’s why we are committed to running our business the right way and unlocking potential for progress with our communities. We call this the "Business of Progress." Wherever we operate across the globe, we bring together the people, resources and expertise to deliver lasting change.

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governance and ethics

We earn the trust of our colleagues and partners by operating with the highest ethical standards in all we do.

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We’re committed to respecting human rights, protecting the safety and health of our employees and contractors, and investing in people to develop a diverse, capable and engaged global workforce.

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We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance and reducing the potential impacts of our operations.

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creating prosperity

We work to create prosperity and contribute to progress everywhere we invest.

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